Spencer and you will Jenna broke up because of Carly telling him or her you to they might be pressuring their relationship

Spencer and you will Jenna broke up because of Carly telling him or her you to they might be pressuring their relationship

Gabriella: She simply appeared getting moments. She actually is Mrs. Benson’s Building See Patrol secretary. It’s visible Spencer got a good smash on her.

Alison: https://datingranking.net/it/siti-di-incontri-bianchi-it/ She merely appeared in iWas an excellent Pageant Lady. He was meant to go on a double date together with her and Freddie, and her 15 year old relative Leslie, however, if you are prepared during the apartment due to their rock-climbing reservation date, Spencer and Freddie became obsessed with a celebration games Leslie suggested, as well as their times ultimately left after they wouldn’t get sometimes Freddie or Spencer’s desire off the online game.

Charlotte Gibson: Dated their, but the guy saw a plans away from Gibby (especially the lady ‘Gibby lips’) when he saw her face, and you may Gibby’s mommy and noticed a sight out-of Carly into the Spencer’s face, so they one another went away screaming when you look at the horror. (pick Sparlotte)

Candace: A sophisticated girl. He had a romantic date along with her, even so they split up when she found out the guy assists people having webcasts, and you will she are off his group.

Gia Chambers: The sensuous old aunt away from their nemesis Chuck Spaces. Within the iBeat the heat, Spencer leftover teasing with her plus endure Chuck tormenting him to keep your out-of getting the woman aside off their family.

Jodi: She try designed to wed Gordon Birch, however when she watched Spencer, she decided that she wanted to marry him (something Spencer isn’t exactly pleased about). However, whenever Carly sings, Jodi finds out she belongs to Gordon. (get a hold of Spodi)

Though it isn’t affirmed, it is hinted your a few has registered a connection and you may Spencer features enjoy Maeve to stay with your within his apartment until she finds her very own devote Seattle

Krustacia: A woman off Uzbekistan which failed to talk one English. Spencer went out with her because the he thought she is sexy. Gibby attempted to let your change, but alternatively he had one whom merely spoke Uzbek since really and you will stole Krustacia out of Spencer. (look for Spristasia)

Deidre: An employee of your art art gallery from inside the iHire An Idiot. Spencer kissed her double close to the stop of event.

Moni: A make-upwards musician Spencer old half a dozen years before iParty having Victorious. He left their and on account of his bad riding, the guy recognized more her base together with his automobile. She is stil upset which he went more than her.

Technology Shop Lady: A girl Spencer came across on a components shop just who loves wet chicken when you look at the iDate Sam Freddie. At the end of this new event she stole Spencer’s wallet, which in fact had five cash inside. Carly had titled this lady icky and you will Spencer had entitled the girl dumb.

Jenna Hamilton: Jenna is actually Spencer’s old boyfriend-baby-sitter. Jenna has also been dealing with Carly and you may Spencer such as for instance she are the fresh new baby-sitter of those.

Cassie: Cassie is Spencer’s spouse during the iStill Psycho, Cassie and you may Spencer got kissed three times in the episode. Cassie ordered Spencer a game that he likes, and he shouted: “You are A genius. “.

Audrey: Stated inside the iGoodbye getting the only real girl Spencer ever really cherished. He was extremely looking forward to reuniting together while in the a beneficial lay over during the Seattle however, gave up the chance to just take Carly so you’re able to a father/Girl moving she was waiting around for.

Maeve (2021 Old boyfriend-Girlfriend),: Spencer fits Maeve on the renewal occurrence, iTake an excellent Girls’ Travels, who is Harper’s cousin. Both is actually instantly smitten with each other and progress to learn both over a cake. Spencer surprises Maeve which have undertaking a great parody of one’s popular angle world by Jack and you will Flower of Titanic. It is revealed in the adopting the event that they are relationship. not, by the iThrow a flawless Dinner party, the couple have gone at night “honeymoon phase” as they are just starting to log in to for each other’s nervousness, which leads to them breaking up.

It’s found during the iGet Pranky one to Spencer had a fixation with to play pranks into others as he was at secondary school. Even if he insisted he’d gotten over it, the obsession returned whenever Carly requested him to coach their how to prank and you can got unmanageable. In the course of time, Carly and you may Freddie requested their former friends (and you may prank subjects) to check out this new flat and try to need which have him. Instead they got payback into the him by pinning your towards the surface and you will striking your, recovering their obsession.

Sam Puckett

Ms. Fielder: The ways teacher within area cardio. He was jealous Carly chose to studies lower than their in place of him and came to punches by layer one another for the painting during the ways class. He has got zero genuine dating, but they generated out at the conclusion of iMust Features Locker 239, just after Ms. Fielder indicated an interest in your to teach their on the functions out of passionate art.