Why is employee engagement important?

Employee Apps

Employee engagement has gained considerable popularity in the past 2 decades yet it remains defined and conceptualized. NYUC is shaping this concept to reality through a new product for all the enterprises – Employee Engagement App for Enterprise

Google Trends

According to google trends, in the past 5 years employees have moved from engaging/communicating through desktops browsers to mobile applications, Almost 80% of the communication within the organization is happening through mobile.

For a very long time, emails have enjoyed the ubiquity in communication/engagement, however when it comes to today’s intra organization communication or engagement, emails lose to push notifications as the visibility for Push Notifications is much higher than emails and push notification is shown instantly and usually does not have to compete with any other messages on the other hand messages are lost among other emails, users may overlook or delete it without actually seeing it.

It’s high time that companies realize that

“you can only talk to your employees if they can hear you”

This shows that future workers will be increasingly mobile, which means companies will need communication/engagement tools to be as versatile as they are. Most of the employees today don’t work at a desk and it has become increasingly difficult to overcome the gap between the non-desk and desk workforce. This is true not only for offline or non-wired employees but also for the frontline sales or service force. Your colleagues from these fields are key for growing the business and ensuring happy customers, but it’s hard to reach them with a channel that doesn’t appear on their smartphones.

This is where NYUC helps companies achieve efficient and targeted engagement through the power of push notification, chats, forums in the enterprise app.

Employee involvement seeks to increase members’ input into decisions that affect organizational performance and employee well-being. Four key elements associated with employee involvement include

  • Enterprise/internal social network
  • Collaboration
  • Internal communication
  • Organizational Performance

We have built and improvised our solution based on the above-mentioned elements. NYUC enterprise app is a blend of enterprise social networks, collaboration platforms, community forums, and employee advocacy and aims to boost engagement across all the hierarchy levels.

Increased engagement within employees plays a key role in enhancing:

  • Employees communication
  • Innovation capabilities
  • Collaboration
  • Retention

NYUC enterprise app helps employees engage, communicate and manage their work tasks more effectively, align their work goals more with the overall organizational goals and strategies, develop more recognition and get better compensation. If the use of internal communication leads to more engagement, then it seems likely that there will be a corresponding improvement in areas such as productivity, profitability, safety, customer satisfaction, turnover, and absenteeism.