Create engaging & immersive virtual experiences that let you easily host captivating as well as personalized Virtual Events, Hybrid events, Webinars, Live Streaming services, and Webcasting that best suit your needs.
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“We really enjoyed how you could do everything within the NYUC virtual event portal. It was very cost-effective too. It was the only software we saw that gave delegates a life-like experience of attending an actual physical event. The team is very accommodating and always developing new features to improve the overall experience. Take a bow, Team NYUC!”

D.V.S.S.V. Prasad


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Virtual Event Platform

Whether It's A Sales, Marketing Or Customer Conference - We Make Managing It Simple And Painless

From start to finish, registration to analytics

Build An Unforgettable Brand Experience

Customize your entire virtual event with your branding, custom logos, primary event colors, and layout - no technical knowledge required

Build an Unforgettable Brand Experience || Conferencing

Connect & Share

Connect exhibitors and buyers from around the globe and drive lead generation with an interactive chatting/video calling features

Automated Reminders || Conferencing

Foster Engagement With Activities

Award points for attendees who play games, complete activities etc. within your event

24/7 Support || Conferencing

Webcasting & Hybrid Events

Generate connections across offline and online channels by using end-to-end event solutions.

From Concept & Design to Unforgettable Brand Experience

Live Webcasts

Extend the reach of your event to all corners of the world, with no limitations of physical or geographical boundaries.

Always Start Your Conference On Time || Conferencing

On-Demand Webcasts

Pre-recorded clips are delivered, or streamed, to users upon request. A user who clicks a link to an on-demand clip watches the clip from the beginning.

Join With a Click || Conferencing

Video Conferences / Online Meetings

Webcast your meeting or next boardroom session. The enhanced audio/video transmission helps hold everyone’s attention and facilitates a better online meeting experience.

User-Intuitive Event Setup || Conferencing


From 2D to 3D designs, we cater to your every need. Create amazing immersive environment with Walkthrough videos, Dynamic Lobbies, 3D Stage etc.

Custom Designs

Let your creative juices flow because with NYUC any and everything is possible in the designing world. Create an environment that best suits your event from scratch.

Build an Unforgettable Brand Experience || Conferencing

Ready-made options to choose from

Choose from a wide variety of already curated options that are cost-effective and best for your theme.

Automated Reminders || Conferencing

Create real-life venues

We can create any real-life venue like an office building, or conference hall to give you that personalized and unique touch for your virtual venue as well.

24/7 Support || Conferencing

Chroma Shoot

Transport your audience to a virtually rich environment with the help of Chroma Shooting.

Make your online event more dynamic by using a green screen

It allows you to experiment with all the available effects, helping you to stand out from the crowd and create and make your virtual event as unique as possible.

Always Start Your Conference On Time || Conferencing

Branding Opportunities

With the choice of branding and other creative tools, you can build the ideal backdrop to improve your event clips and viewer experience. Including branding will enable your audience to easily know who you are, remain professional, and will establish brand recognition.

Join With a Click || Conferencing

Efficiency in Virtual Events

Compared to conventional stages, green screens take far less time to put up. They also give you versatility because you may use them in different places while maintaining consistency.

User-Intuitive Event Setup || Conferencing

Live Streaming

NYUC is a complete service solution that includes live production, management, strategy, and experience design. Our expertise in these disciplines ensures the success of your virtual events/conferences with virtual viewership.

On-Demand Live Streaming

You can quickly increase attendee engagement by hosting captivating On-Demand live streaming. Your live streaming platform allows you to integrate a wide range of tools and equipment and create the ideal setting for your target audience.

Build an Unforgettable Brand Experience || Conferencing

YouTube Live Streaming

Create a fascinating Livestream on YouTube to easily expand your audience and take Your YouTube Live Streaming to the next level.

Automated Reminders || Conferencing

Facebook Live Streaming

Stream a live, interactive session on Facebook, one of the most widely used social media sites. Gain more internet exposure and promote your event easily.

24/7 Support || Conferencing